Introducing Obukiko, the Home of African Literature

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Some of the common issues that are usually mentioned in any discussion about African Literature are accessibility, distribution, and profitability of books across the continent. These are the issues Obukiko was created to solve.

The Directory

We intend to do this by first having the most comprehensive directory of all the African Literature titles and stakeholders (writers, editors, publishers, festivals, prizes, residencies….). We are hoping that having all this information in one place will make it easy for readers and other interested parties to find the information they need about the industry and create a collaborative atmosphere so we can work together to make the industry efficient and progressive.

Obukiko Book Club

To further strengthen the bonds within the community, another feature of this platform is the Forums/Obukiko Book Club where enthusiasts of the ‘genre’ can discuss their favorite books, the latest developments in the industry and have conversations with different writers about their craft, their latest works… was launched at the African Writers Trust organized Uganda International Writers Conference that took place in Kampala last month and we are currently steadily improving the platform and reaching out to players in the African Literature industry that are interested in having their books or services featured on the website.

To this end, if you’d like your information added to the site, you can contact us with the details and we shall get them listed as soon as possible. Eventually, we hope to get the platform to a place where users can upload and submit their information themselves for efficiency.

Phase 2

The next phases of the website will introduce functionality to enable user purchase digital copies of the book and read them on the platform. If a title is not easily available in your country, this should still allow you to read it without going through the burden of shipping. Once we have mastered this, we then intend to look into creating a system where one can order a book, have it printed locally and then delivered to you in the shortest time possible. This will require us to build a network of trusted printers and bookshops that can serve readers in their different countries and locations. If you’d like to be a part of making this phase a reality, you are encouraged to reach out and we see how to make it happen.

We hope you are as excited about this new project as we are and we appreciate any feedback you might have regarding our plans.


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