I was given an Advance Readers Copy for an honest review of this book by the author of this book.

The book blurb; Forgiveness’ life takes a tragic turn when her father defiles her. Her mother walks in and reacts instinctively to protect her daughter, but in the process makes the horrific truth public. In an effort to escape and regain her life as it was before her ordeal Forgiveness goes to live with her aunt. For a while she feels like her old self. But when she returns home her past comes back to haunt her. She takes an offer from her uncle’s widow to go back and live with her in South Africa; but the Promised Land is not what she thought it would be. Can Forgiveness leave her past behind her and make a new life? Or does her past shape her future and send her down another dangerous path?

I was given this book awhile back and I read it but I suffered a personal tragedy and the subsequent mourning prevented me from writing the review for the book. This is my first foray back in the world of writing reviews, writing something for public consumption. Please be kind.

In a word, this book was… unexpected. How the author came upon such a topic and managed to weave a story out of it still baffles me. Nixon weaves a story that spans a couple of decades and a few countries too. It’s quite a feat when an author makes me unsympathetic towards almost all the characters but still manages to hold my attention for the span of more than 400 pages.

I found the story to be quite simple, which is not a bad thing. My problem with the book is that I found the motives of Amos, Forgiveness’ father and his desire for his daughter to be quite out of the blue. But his quest for forgiveness was commendable.

The book, I found, was about actions and the consequences of said actions. It was about choices and of course Forgiveness.

I give the book, a solid three stars.

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