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I was given an Advance Readers Copy for an honest review of this book by the author of this book.

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Book Review: Foreign Gods Inc.

Okey Ndibe’s “Foreign Gods, Inc.” tells the story of a Nigerian-born New Yorker called Ike. Ike has an Amherst degree in economics,...

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Book Review: Manchester Happened

I have a confession to make, I am not exactly sure how to write a review for an anthology but I am...

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Introducing Obukiko, the Home of African Literature

Hello there. Hope you are having a lovely day. Some of the common issues that are usually mentioned in any discussion about African Literature...

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Book Review: Children of Blood and Bone

Sometime last year, I stumbled on an article online that detailed how a 24-year-old Nigerian-American Harvard graduate had scored a million dollar...

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Book Review: Born a Crime

Trevor Noah was born during the tail end of apartheid to a Xhosa Mother and a Swiss-German Father. Mandela was released when...

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HomeGoing: Book Review

Homegoing by Ghanaian Yaa Gyasi is a tale of finding one’s place in an otherwise hostile world. It is a story about...

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Book Review: House of Stone

Have you ever read a book that you know is fiction but it messes with your head so much that you start...

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